Welcome to Migrate, a movement with a goal to encourage Africans to do just that…MIGRATE! 😊 We’re all about stepping out of your comfort zone (read: home town/country) to explore new places, learn new cultures, meet new people, try out new foods, and to travel fearlessly!

Often times we hear about Africans that left their countries to find greener pastures in Europe, America, Asia, or Australia. But the stories about Africans relocating to African countries are hardly ever highlighted in the media.

The Migrate platform aims to celebrate life in Africa. Our goal is to highlight stories and experiences of African expatriates living and thriving in other African countries as you’ve never seen before!

On this platform, we will demystify longstanding myths about different African countries. We will also talk about the highs and lows of living in a different country other than your own. This is the one-stop informational hub for anyone looking to move countries or anyone already living in a different African country. The objective is to encourage Africans to explore more of our beautiful continent because we have SO MUCH to offer. We really hope that this platform will help you feel at home, wherever you are!

So, where are you moving to? 😏

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